Sometimes it can be difficult to have any sort of social life and also stay physically active. “Challenge accepted!” is an expression that can commonly be heard at Bear in the Woods, but that’s partly because we can’t stop watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. In this case, we decided on a hike in the Mother City to kick our hangover from the night before!

Deciding to go on a hike is easier than actually doing it. Especially in Cape Town, where there is a beach you can lie on. And you have to choose a route up one of her incredible peaks, which also takes some time. Lion’s Head is definitely close to our hearts, but we were looking to change it up a little and go more towards Cape Town’s gem, Table Mountain and surrounds. After deliberating for many hours, we decided on something more hangover-friendly – Devil’s Peak. Super easy to find, you drive past the cable car at the bottom of Table Mountain and continue straight until the road stops from going any further.

So there we were, at the bottom of Devil’s Peak, looking at up at her in awe, ready for the hike. With no real plan of action, we walked towards the peak. Eventually, the tar road ended. We had two options: more dirt road that continued straight; or a staircase towards the peak. At this point, a hiking angel with two large, hooped earrings appeared. He whispered tales of a secret cave, called the Woodstock cave, and talked about how easy it was to get there. We were immediately sold and headed up those steps. We’re kidding, there was no angel. He was a hippie. But we thought it a good idea to visit the cave anyway! We soldiered forward to find the cave as per the directions of the neat signs along the way, finding it quite easy to get there.

The cave is a real treat! The views of Cape Town and the ocean are absolutely spectacular and we were quite shocked that we had the cave all to ourselves. The pictures are a taste of our experience, but the real thing is amazing! Even if it is for a sneaky hike in the morning, or perhaps the start of a longer adventure, we definitely recommend this one – both hung-over or fully-hydrated.

So go ahead, be a devil!