There are places and holidays that only some people – a very lucky few – get to experience. These are the types of holidays that would usually require a massive bank account, and the sort of exclusive access that only the powerful and influential can effect.

Or you get lucky, and you experience the idyllic views, luxurious living and five-star tranquillity of Leolapa Lodge in the Mjejane Reserve for only a fraction of what the rich and famous would usually expect to pay. (Minus the five course meals, though: Leolapa is self-catering. Who cares, though: you should be braai’ing in the bush anyway, right!?)

Leolapa 2

Leolapa is a five bedroom mansion overlooking the Crocodile River, ten kilometres past the town of Malelane. Every bedroom has a king size bed, an en suite bathroom, and an outside shower. And the house is brilliantly designed too: rather than give the best view in the house to the master bedroom, the house is designed in a ‘T’-shape where the entertainment area (the patio, infinity pool, braai area, bar and living room, all overlook the river. This means that from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed at night, you are within sight of the Crocodile River and the Kruger Park beyond.

Breakfast on the patio, braai’ing or potji’ing at night, or simply lazing on the edge of the infinity pool: if anything appears out of the bush on the far bank, you will see it. Trust us, there is no better way to game-view than by sipping on a cold drink in the pool and waiting for the animals to come to you. Lazy, we know: but then when you’re on holiday, why should you do any more than is necessary!?

At Leolapa, even the birds oblige by flying directly overhead: the hawks glide by to scan the dry river banks; the fish eagle scans up and down its piece of the river, the kingfishers call brilliantly from the bush and then hover over the water before darting into the river to prey; and even the swallows come home to roost at the end of the day.

And let’s not forget the crocs themselves, their eyes twinkling your torchlight back at you after dark. And the ever-present and noisy hippos, filling the night air with that distinctly African sound.

Visit Leolapa. Get a group of 10 together and spend as many nights there as you can afford. We can’t recommend it enough.

This is a place that needs to be experienced by anybody who truly loves the bush.

Contact Sacha or Bianka at Leolapa to book your trip @ res@leolapa.co.za (Tell them we sent you!) Or find out more about the Lodge, and the Mjejane Reserve, @ www.leolapa.co.za

Happy viewing!