This will be a short one – because we’re sure that all of you have either done this or plan on doing this, and so you don’t need us to convince you! But needless to say, the walk to Cape Point is something that every visitor to Cape Town should have on their to-do list. We’ll give you a short description of our visit, and hope that you’ll share your experiences of the Cape with us too..!

We only have one recommendation, and it’s that you should walk as far down the peninsula as you’re able. Most of the visitors will hang around the main area near the original lighthouse. The view from there is, needless to say, exceptional, but there’s nothing like getting away from the crowds and being as close to the tip of the peninsula as it’s possible to get. You could get closer, of course, but that would involve ignoring the warning signs, jumping the rope and risking your life on the increasingly craggy rocks near the point. (Probably not worth it – but you’re the boss of you and you can do what you like.)

It’s a fair walk but not technically difficult, so you’ll be fine as long as you have comfortable shoes and a bottle of water to hand. Remember your camera, though, and feel free to share your snaps or vids with the Bear in the Woods community..